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Beautification Project – Sponsoring VAPE Industry Websites

Is Bad Website Design Giving the VAPE Industry a Bad Image?

First impressions are everything in business and forming opinions. Any vaper that has searched the vaping industry for vape shops or Premium e Juice websites knows professional website design is NOT a priority. We all know how we feel when we are searching for a product or service and arrive at a badly designed website. We immediately ask those questions. Is it safe to use my credit card here? Is this product even safe to use? Is this some fly by night operation? In most cases bad website design leaves people feeling that this is some person operating out of their garage, trying to appear like a trusted and established company. Currently with everyone deciding what side of the fence they are going to take on pending legislative actions against vaping, what impression are we giving to each of those voters. What at first appeared to be a trivial matter of good or bad website design, now takes on a much more serious position of bad first impressions and their influence on pending legislative actions.

With the continuous onslaught of pending legislation threatening the VAPE industry, what are we the vape industry doing to stop it. Each of us carries a vote and each of us carries certain responsibilities to do our part for the big picture. We are experiencing a unique point in history where the little guy is being given a chance to taste the same extremes in financial success as the largest corporations that would normally be dominating these markets. Vaping took the world by surprise; bringing with it, a wave of global success for those smart enough to recognize this unique phenomenon unfolding around them. As was expected, large corporations and lobbyist groups were quick to respond with corporate and legislative tactics poised to close and monopolize on this new opportunity. The reality is according to the most vocal vaping advocate in the country. Conley, president of the American Vaping Association (AVA), Federal, state and local governments make more money off tobacco sales than actual tobacco companies themselves: thanks to Master Settlement Agreement payments and taxes. According to Gregory Conley “The government is the biggest player in the tobacco industry because they get around $40 billion annually from tobacco,” Conley said. “The tobacco industry, meanwhile, nets only $9 billion in profits. So the state and federal governments have a huge role in not seeing cigarette sales decline.” These entities will gain the power to close and monopolize on the vaping industry because the impressions given off is it can’t govern itself. It is mostly dominated by companies that appear to be just out for a quick buck and care little about the details of ongoing good business. has heard this in interviews time and time again, “well if the vape industry closes up, I’ll just move on; I had a good run”. The sad truth is with a little attention to the details, it doesn’t have to end up this way.

The Cost of Doing Web Based Business in the Vaping Industry

With the web design industry average cost for a professional vaping website starting out at $5,000 for 5 pages, it is not surprising that most small vape companies put off making their business websites look more professional. together with select Premium e Juice manufacturers are going to sponsor a change to this thinking with a combined sponsorship support of 80% of the total cost burden. The total cost of a 5 page vape website design will now be $999.99. Even at that price, some in the industry will still have trouble raising the funds to improve their business model. A way to further offset costs is by cutting your current costs. has also partnered with, a web services provider. has pledged their full support to our cause, by offering our sponsors domain names at $8.99 a year, compared to the normal industry price of $14.99 to $30.00 a year normally sold in that industry. is also sponsoring unlimited web hosting starting at $3.99 month by month or as low as $2.79 a month with multi year pre-purchase, as compared to $9.99 to $14.99 industry average. They assured their sponsorship will be at cost and guaranteed it will be the lowest prices in the industry. They provided us this industry product comparison of cheap web hosting as proof. Thank you for your sponsored support.

Please join PremiumeLiquids and leading Premium e Juice manufacturers in sponsoring the VAPE beautification project. Fill out the form below to take advantage of this sponsored assistance program. Do your part and be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. The VAPE industry is not beaten yet. Keep up the fight for your rights to be a part of this successful industry.



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  2. Antoinette Gilbert

    August 30, 2015 at 1:18 am

    Thank you for your contributions to the vape community and industry.

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