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Legislative Wheels of Change Continue

Appears the legislative wheels of change continue to effect the vaping community.

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Appears the legislative wheels of change continue to effect the vaping community.  According to Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) Mount Baker Vapor Company owners James Thompson and Jesse Webb were forced to make some hard decisions with recent changes in the state of Washington’s view on Vaping. According to James Thompson “While we have enjoyed our time building this company in Washington, it has become clear to us through continued proposals by the legislature that our company and those it employs are not welcome in the state,”

According to (GPEC) the state of Washington introduced two bills 2211 and 1645 that if they passed would introduce additional taxes on the sale of vaping and outright ban their online sales in the state of Washington. On June 10 in response Mt. Baker Vapor had officially announced their plans to relocate their operations. James Thompson and Jesse Webb of Mt Baker Vapor the electronic cigarette supplier based in Bellingham, Washington is planning to build a manufacturing facility at 4049 E Presidio close to Falcon Field in Mesa, Arizona this coming fall and should be completed by October 2015. According to GPEC president and CEO Chris Camacho of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council  Mt. Baker Vapor will be offering 100 jobs; many of which are considered high paying jobs enabling Mt Baker Vapor eligibility for state tax rebates totaling $9,000 per employee.

With already being an Arizona based online magazine we welcome our newcomers to the valley of the sun and look forward to hearing more positive developments from  James Thompson, Jesse Webb and Mount Baker Vapor Company in Arizona’s future.

About Mt. Baker Vapor
Mt. Baker Vapor was founded in March of 2011 by owners James Thompson and Jesse Webb with the purpose of bringing affordably priced, quality e-juice to vapers around the world. The company’s website – – features a wide selection of flavored juice, hardware, and other vaping equipment essential to the booming global phenomenon. With over 1,500,000 orders and counting, MBV has established itself as a leading innovator in this cutting edge industry.

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